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51 Reasons, why everyone prefer British School of Language only
Image Certificate 1. Best Experienced Certified Tutor Online:

As you are aware of the fact that we are the first one to Launch English Speaking Course in India & First one to Launch online English speaking course in India on 16th June, 2011. We are going to provide you the English teachers who have been teaching English from decades. Certified IELTS trainer by the British Council, IDP, Cambridge, PTE or Tedx Speaker will be your next Mentor. Book a Free Demo Class now.

2. Crash Course or Full Course Online:

Crash Course means course to be completed in 1 month, Generally opted by those who are good in “Grammar” & Looking for Communication practice. However, Full Course is for 3 Months, which includes all the topics of “Grammar Thrice”, Vocabulary, Activities on a daily basis, Group Discussion followed by 12 Personality Development weeks

3. Grammar Topics to be covered:

Parts of speech, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection, Article, Tense, Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense, Phrases, Clauses, Conditionals, Modal Auxiliaries, Mood, Subject-Verb Agreement, Right Forms of Verbs, Case, Transformation of Sentences, Modifiers, Narration, Determiners & Quantifiers, Prefixes, Suffixes, Punctuation, Do-insertion / Do-support, Negation, Inversion

4. Vocabulary Classes:

Antonyms and Synonyms, Odd one out, Idioms, Phrases, One word substitution, Fill in the blanks, Multiple Meaning Words or Homonyms, Sentence Rearrangement, Unseen Passages, Spelling, Match the column, Theme Detection, Passage Completion, Sentence Completion, Word Association Pairs, Vocabulary Practice Questions

5. Accelerated Learning with Different Activities:

Investigative Journalist, Debate, What’s Your Secret?, It’s Your Turn: Teach a Class!, Following Directions, Interview Pop, Word Racing, Guess Who or What I Am, Living Memory, Debating Club, Who’s Telling the Truth?, Debates, Two Truths, One Lie, True/false storytelling & many more

6. Compulsory Group Discussion on weekends:

Indeed, an effective group discussion is the one in which many different ideas and viewpoints are heard and told. This allows everyone in a group to accomplish its main purpose for the topic or against the topic

7. Systematic Learning in Group Classes or Customized Learning with Personal Trainer (one on one):

Individual attention is given to our students keeping their learning a priority. If you are comfortable in classroom sessions online in which many students are present, you can choose Group Classes (2 Hours Daily). Personal Trainer in which one on one attention is given to the student by Class teacher (30 Minutes Daily. You can customize your lessons and gain personalized tips and techniques by our experienced English tutors

Image 8. Best in Study Material, our books are Available in Amazon, Flipkart, Google Books etc.

It took years to prepare best study material for you. We keep track of any changes that occurs in the course and pattern of the Language. We provide well researched and effective study material for all our students to improve their Communication Skills.

9. Affordable English Online Coaching fees:

Online English Speaking English Course Fees in India is between 2,500/- to 5,000/- Rupees

10. Online Assessments / Quality Training:

British School of Language provides online test of Speaking, Reading, Listening & Writing making them more habitual for the daily environment. All sorts of videos of grammar sessions and preparations of Vocabulary are available for our students to improve their language skills in the English language. British School of Language is an institute which

uplifts the students from the core level of the English language. Quality assessments and training is more crucial for our teachers rather than quantitative assessment. Our experienced trainers understand the learning style, strengths and weaknesses of the students and make the study patterns feasible. You are Just a step away to step-in the world’s best online English speaking course in India

Image UTUBE 11. Learn from International Trainers:

USA, Australians, Iranian, Middle easterns, French and many more….At BSL you can learn from Trainers and pick your favorite accent and styles, when your aspirations are to reach the sky in your professional field. It usually seems to be simple, conducting a training session, but the truth is every individual session requires precise skills and knowledge of how to provide the best, customized learning as well as providing it from Native speakers from various countries. BSL offers International trainers who provide the required skills you are looking for. They focus on your speech, as to how well can it be heard and understood , it concerns the impact of speech such as the intonation,pronunciation,rhythm,stress and tone. Image aardhaya & Certificate 12. Learn from ESL or Tesol Certified Trainers BSL is working round the clock to deliver what we have promised and we are happy to meet those norms, cos happy learning creates smiles that brings our organisation miles ine as to provide a structured pattern of learning and creating pragmatic sessions for our students.They are able to instruct precise topics and are aware of the concerned topic in-depth. As the English language is such as vast and complicated subject, few comprehend all there is to recognize about it and have a good appreciation of a range of grammar subjects, as well as different topics such as phonetics & phonology. There are also a number of commonplace instructing capabilities that are quintessential. Our trainers have taken time to think about their very own approaches, understandings, and skills, which will be better outfitted to furnish comprehensive, active and high-quality sessions.

Image of center13. Trust: Physical Presence All India branches:

“Seeing is believing” visit our branches All over India and now introducing International too. BSL has physical centres in almost all the major cities in India. Come and feel our presence and help us build your trust that we are there to provide the best education servies to help you achieve your dreams . You can easily locate us on Google maps as all are centres are geotagged. All our centres have world class infrastructure which provides the comfort and latest smart classes and techniques required for a better learning.

Image english certificate 14. Most Powerful Certification Course

When planing for growth in any sector be it personal or career we require upgradation and acquiring new set of skills. With multitude choices available in the market it becomes difficult to pick the right one for your future. Thats where we step in -BSL our 3 months course certification is Approved and is the Most Powerful Certification course. Pivot your energy into learning various Language courses and developing your personality into a dynamic one.

Imahe on page 15. Most Searched on Google, Bing, Quora n Edugorilla

Google has almost synonymned our name BSL with one of the Finest, Oldest and Premium institutes, for providing world class preparations for IELTS,TOEFL,PTE,OET and Spoken English and Personality Development. Highly searched on Google, Bing, Quora and Edugorilla,one of the finest search engines, your wish is our command. We are there to help you out plan the best courses. The Search is on…… Ends at BSL, one stop solution to all your problems.

Image certificate 16. Member of British Council, PTE & Apply Board

British School of Languages is officially authorised member of apply board , British council and [PTE] have permit to recruit international students for programmes made available through apply board , BSL is official representative of [ 3200 ] universities and colleges of Canada ,America and UK and also been endowed with as a certificate of achievement for using official range of [PTE] academic courseware and practise test for victoriously preparing their students . It is recognised by IDP members of British Council as makes students prepare for IELTS partnership programmes ,provide certified IELTS trainers by British Council , IDP and Cambridge who could be your mentor and train you throughout the process of prepration and helps to clear examinations with flying colours.

17. Compare Courses before enrolment

British School of Languages facilitate students to compare and helps to choose best among the rest .As variety of courses are offered at [BSL] so they may choose the best suitable course as per the requirement ,The fee related to different courses are mentioned on website too to make the selection easier , As a course design keeping grammar and vocabulary in mind . have multiple courses according to the Requirement and Budget of Students.

Image 18. Social Presnce: Fb, Insta, Linkedin, Twitter

BSL is a pioneer institution so far as the English language is concerned having a social presence on all popular social media platforms(Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Linkedin)followed by the people around the globe . BSL Social presence not only increase brand loyalty but also its its authenticity and trust among the people.

Image 19. Registration Certificates

has all the valid Registered certificates required for the business

20. Cloud based virtual classroom & LMS software

BSL has developed a cloud based virtual classroom and LMS software which could be experienced by taking a free demo class. As in these classroom instructors and participants can engage with each other which makes the learning easier . They can interact , communicate , and exchange ideas with the help of a BSL virtual classroom and students also have access to quality teachers overseas .

21. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Common European Framework for Languages, CEFR

BSL follows the teaching system of CEFR which is an international standard to assess the ability in a particular language . It is categorized as 6 levels of proficiency ( A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, ), where A1 and A2 are for Basic user, B1 and B2 are for independent user and C1 and C2 are for proficient user,The specific level is provided as per the need and existing knowledge of a student ,BSL compliance with CEFR is beneficial as it ensures the certificates you get will be recognised and boost the employment prospects .

22.British School of Language offers non-stop 16 hours back to back online classes from ( 6:am to 10pm ) IST this flexibility in time helps the students to choose time for the classes as per their convenience . Customized and flexible classes for everyone.

23 Personality Development

BSL offers online courses for english focusing on all the four modules which includes ( writing , reading ,listening ,and speaking ) in addition to it 12 weeks of personality development programs ,along with it compulsory video shoots from students on multiple topics like Introductory week , Blog or article week , Presentation week , Public relations , Dining etiquette , business etiquette , body language and so on it helps in grooming overall personality of a candidate .These activities at BSL are conducted and organized in a way which could be very useful for the students.

24. Will guide regarding IELTS during course

British school of language prepares the aspirants for Online IELTS (International ENGLISH Language Testing System) BSL provides a platform for IELTS students where they simply interact, discuss, learn and create an ever evolving network of knowledge.British School of Language is an institute that uplifts the students from the core level of the IELTS language and provides the most professional guidance.

25. Free Classes for Coding or Abacus for kids

British School of Language is always known for its quality training .It provides classes not only for adults but for kids as well . From Spoken English to Personality develoment , Abacus training to Computer coding ( including 3d Project work ) , , Foreign LAnguage course -French and German , everything is available . Before taking admission , you can simply book a free demo class , and once completely satisfied , proceed with the admission.Your trust is our priority . Image award26. Best online English Speaking Course BSL has been one of the best institutes not only in India but in the entire world. It got established in 1971 and still providing unprecedented quality training. BSL not only provides courses for adults but for kids starting from age 4 years. The platform of BSL provides group as well as one-on-one training at a very cost-effective fee for you to feel comfortable with your budget.

27. International Offices

BSL is one of the leading institutes that has spead its wings across the globe. Our offices are easily available in different locations of the world such as Germany, Dubai, etc. Doesnt matter where you are , BSL is always near to you .

28. Learn with us, Become Trainer with us
If you have the calibre, we have the opportunity !!!

We provide you the best of training by highly qualified trainers from across the globe. If you wish to become Communication Trainer, IELTS Trainer, PTE Trainer, TOEFL Trainer, OET Trainer, Corporate Trainer, do feel free to reach out to us and become a Certified Trainer. .in website

29. Oldest website

British School of Language has been winning hearts of millions of students, working professionals, home makers, kids and meeting their expectations since years. The website of BSL is one of the oldest to provide you with the information related to the courses in the simplest manner possible

30. Google Play Store and iOS

The application of BSL is available on Play Store which can easily be downloaded from Android and iOS devices. Simply search -BSL British School of Language Our application will provide you all the details of courses.

Image 31. Combination of online + offline Classes

We make sure that you never suffer because of your compulsions.You can easily locate us on Google maps as all are centres are geotagged. All our centres have world class infrastructure which provides the comfort and latest smart classes and techniques required for a better learning. Having our availability in numerous cities, we provide you with the facility to shift your classes from online to offline and vice versa as per the availability of our center nearest location.

32. Pay today, Start Classes from Tomorrow

We have one of the biggest team of trainers and we make sure that you don’t waste a single day. Your classes will begin the very next day of your admission.

33. Trainer Request Change within 48 Hours

We believe in quality training and our team is available 24x7 for your support .If at any point , you don’t feel satisfied with the allotted trainer, you can request for a trainer change and the management will give you a new trainer within 48 hours of your request. Image 34. 24x7 Whatsapp, email, Call and twitter student support Whatsapp: 8009000014 Email: Twitter: British School of Language Take note of these to contact us 24x7 and we are always there to assist you.

35. Live and Recorded Classes

If you are a working professional and are short of time then this is the place to learn as we provide both live and recorded sessions of the classes so that you don’t miss a single topic taught in the entire duration of three months in case you are not able to attend a class due to urgent and unplanned office meetings or any other personal reason. Our live classes are held on a platform which has great features to connect with everyone very easily. The most important feature is that you can access video and audio at the same time along with screen sharing on our LMS based classroom on BSL App which is not available on other common apps like zoom,Google Meet etc.

37. Most Reviewed Organisation: By checking the reviews you can find the feedback

shared by the existing students which gives you an assurance of the type of quality training that is delivered by the excellent and well trained team of trainers. .

38. Endless Presence in Google & Youtube:

British School of Languages is one of the most searched websites on Google ,Quora and other online platforms for providing online and offline courses of IELTS and Spoken English. Visit our you tube channel to find out the reviews shared by our existing students as well as to go through the introductory videos of our certified team of International and domestic trainers

39. Free Lifetime Group Discussion:

This special feature will help you enable the practice and maintain the fluency that you gain after completion of three months course if you enroll for a three months Spoken English accompanied with our Free Lifetime Group Discussion Facility. We offer this facility keeping in view the fact that practice makes a man perfect as the students who keep practicing on every Saturday and Sunday never lack the fluency gained during their three months classes.

Image 40. Learn with Foreign Students:

British School of Language offers you an exclusive chance to connect to the students or working professionals living not only in India but also in 40 plus foreign countries like U.K.,U.S., Hong Kong ,almost all countries of Middle East, Africa, Maldives , New Zealand etc. This is extremely beneficial and a must opt course as it helps a few professionals living in India working in IT companies adapt to the accent spoken by various countries who have clients from foreign countries .

41. 15 Hours Nonstop Batches:

We, at BSL offer you a non stop class facility you do not have to wait or think over the time constraint. Choose any time slot as per your convenience and join the course. Continuous batches available from I.S.T. 7 a I.S.T. 11 p .m. both for individual as well as group courses.

Complementary Grammar Vocabulary & International trainer: For maximum practice time to be spent in a day , we offer you complementary or free additional batches along with your main opted course as per the package chosen by you. A.English Group Classes ( 3 months) Complementary 1 hour Grammar and 1 hour vocabulary batch B.English Personal Training ( 3 months) Complementary 1 hour Grammar and 1 hour Vocabulary batch ( pay for half an hour and attend classes for 2.5 hours) C. International Group Classes( 3 months) Complementary 1month Group classes of two hours duration with Indian trainer ( pay for native trainer and attend classes with both native and domestic trainers) D. International Personal Training( 3 months) : Complementary 3 months Group classes of 2 hours duration with Indian trainer.

42.Learn Spoken English from IELTS trainer

:If you are an IELTS aspirant and are not able achieve your desired bands then we at BSL offer you a special package where you can practice Speaking cue cards and conversation questions along with guidance to crack writing ,listening and reading wherever required according to four modules of English as per CEFR ( Common European Framework for Languages)


Unlimited access to online/offline library for voracious readers : With the help of online library it is now possible even for the online classes students to enjoy the benefit of reading various books on English to make them learn and improve their vocabulary as well develop reading habits

44. Unlimited duration course to crack IELTS:

We offer you unlimited mock test package for IELTS which has the facility to attend the classes and do the practice sessions on a live platform as long as you are not able to achieve your desired score.

Images 45. Combo Packages

British School of Languages produces best courses for all section of learners led by Combo programs.

A) IELTS Combo

IELTS Combo program is all about ensuring No student suffers less score in IELTS due to Basic English errors. The IELTS Program comes with IELTS and English course where IELTS training is supported by English Writing and Speaking basics with expert Communication coach.

B) English Combo

We offer an Accelerated Learning course of English Communication where a student can Take 3 month Group class for 2 hours to Avail overall Personality development program along with One Month Personal Training of Half an Hour to accomplish your urgent corporate requirements like email writing, Meeting presentations and Script Orientation.

C) Kids Combo

Enroll your Kid to this Game changing program and gain him/her an all around Communication built up with Abacus learning.

46. Free Demo Class, live assessment

We provide free demo classes to our students and conduct a live assessment sessions within. This helps students to know their potential and chose the right training program.

47. Weekend Mock test and Feedbacks

‘A thing that we value the Most is Your Time’. Pertaining to that…… we run special weekend classes for those who are busy throughout the week for obvious reasons. Additionally we ensure a Weekend Feedback session to every Student to process a track on their training Progression.

48. Video Shoots and Youtube Channel

Weekly Video shoot is one of the most productive activities that bring the attitude to student to practice English language and communication. Every week, tons of students’ videos are uploaded o/n our official social media forums. Our Trainers also shoot lesson videos frequently which are uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

49. The Extensive Advance Course

We offer an Extensive Advance Course to Our Learners where we train you to master English Communication through different activities like Vocabularies, Grammar, Group discussions and 12 personality development themes for 3 months. Then we offer you To learn English Language from a native English trainer to adopt Advance communication skills and ability to speak like a native.

50. Flexibilities and Privileges

We consider every student our Family and thus British school of Language provides every possible and required flexibilities and Support. Consider the Followings;

A) Every Student can take One month informed leave in 3 month course. The Course will be Put on hold and resumed once student is available to take classes.

B) Every Student is availed a special priviledge to change the batch at will. This is most helpful favour for our Office going Students.

C) Every Student can take More than one Batch as we believe “ The more you Train the sooner you Improve”
51.Learn with Largest Community of National and International Students

British School of Language has built biggest community of national and International Students through Social media, where students interact with each other, raise queries, find solutions and help each other thus creating the biggest platform to learn, discuss and develop

52. Scholarship program

‘Improving Competency through the fair Competition’ has been our Prime ideology which is why we Conduct Quiz and Debate competitions frequently and top 3 performers get away with up to 100% scholarship.

53.Find your Internship with BSL

Just like Many Great Institutions, We provide internships to deserving and aspiring young students. This helps them gather productive professional skills like accounts/Management and Corporate culture

Image BSL18% off54.Coupon Codes and Rewards British School of Languages provides special Coupon Codes to Existing and aspiring students frequently which allows them and their acquaintances to redeem it and find Discounts, Rewards and Free membership.

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