Learn English & Foreign Languages from native Speakers in India

Learn English & Foreign Languages from native Speakers in India


One can get assistance and guidance at British school of languages because we are the language specialists . Our native Trainers will give you the resources you need to get started, whether you’re wanting to get a competitive advantage in your work, improve your communication with close friends and family, get ready to move overseas, or simply pick up for a passion.
We have taught students from all over the world for more than 25 years, so we are aware of what it takes to learn a language: dedication and a tailored experience.
Our live, online classes will help you to speak with confidence in no time due to our qualified international instructors flexible learning schedules, and courses for all levels.

Benefits to Learn language from native trainer.

1. Better understandibility

Prime reason of having a native speaker as a teacher is that they have command in the language. Not only they speak it fluently, but they’re also able to model its use confidently

2. Well versed with pronunciation

Pronunciation plays a vital role in effective communication ,That should be incorporated during the classroom studies. International trainer undoubtedly have the better pronunciation as they learnt the language from reliable sources

3. Make international friends

At the British school of language we provide a platform to have classes with both national and international students. Your language trainer is your mentor, with the passage of time the instructor could be a friend too.

4. Feel motivated

Your language instructor puts a deep impact on your overall personality, if he is good could change the course of your life by motivating you.

5. Acquaintance with native history and culture.

Language learning and culture are complementary terms as they are interconnected in many ways.
Native speakers are well aware of cultural information and insights. The more you understand about the culture, the easier it will be to understand foreign slangs, idioms, collocation and cultural activities.

6. Polished grammar.

An international trainer at Bsl are highly dedicated and experienced They highlight the smallest errors made by the students So that they could correct them.

7. Overcome the fear of speaking.

Most of the learners are afraid of speaking with the native speakers, as they are aware about the imperfections and tend to make mistakes often. Having international trainer as a mentor is an advantage to prevent you commiting mistakes too often

8. Enhance ability to lead the conversation.

At British school of languages our seasoned international mentors have an ability to provide enough practice to the learners which build a confidence to intuitively flow with spontaneous discussion and presentation

9. Live and interactive group session

Live tutorials are provided to the learners ,So that they may not face any challenge while learning and get the same experience what they have in real classes.

10. Make familiar with the language.

Being taught by native speakers has the clear advantage of their being familiar with the subject. They are able to imitate its use in a particularly natural way, yet they are also usually fluent speakers

11. Good practice of dialects .

The native trainers at British school of languages introduces you to idioms, dialects, and slang to practise with a native speaker. The use of idioms, dialects, and slang is more useful when speaking with native speakers of your target languages

12. Flexible class timings

British school of languages You can learn a new language in a flexible method because to its convenience and lower cost. Learning a language online has made it a rich and rewarding method to expand your skill sets, whether you desire to travel or use it to help with job chances.

13. Learning at the deeper level.

Accents and pronunciation are your main concerns, language acquired from native speakers would be more beneficial. When you take classes from a native speaker of a language, whether it be French, Spanish, German, or one of the east Asian languages like Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, you become exposed to regional slang, idioms, and dialects.A non-native speaker might not learn about history and culture from you, but you will. Speaking with native teachers is much more enjoyable and fun.

14. Having access to true language learning.

You will always be in contact with authentic language when learning from a teacher who speaks the language. Additionally, you will become acquainted with slang during the lessons.

15. Seasoned trainers

The world’s best linguists are available to you in languages. One day with an excellent teacher is believed to be superior to a thousand days of rigorous study. BSL training sessions can demonstrate.

16. Support available around the clock

Each student is provided with a customer support number, which is available around-the-clock, to ensure that they don’t run into any issues while taking the course.

17. Free trial sessions.

British school of languages offers Trial lessons to learners so that they can choose the trainer, the time, and any other issues they might have.

18. Recorded and Live Sessions:

Your instructor will teach you language in person during class, and if you happen to miss a lesson, you’ll be given access to a recording so you won’t miss anything.

19. Authentic Certified courses

You will be recognised for your mastery of the specified levels by all educational and employment institutions with the certification you earn after passing each level.

20. Personalised, small-group instruction.

Each of our students receives customised attention, with the goal of maximising their academic success. If you feel comfortable participating in online classes with lots of other students, you can select Group Classes Personal Trainer. In these classes, the teacher gives each student individualised attention. You can also customise your lessons and receive specialised advice from our skilled international trainers

21. Language instruction

To assess the proficiency of the language, BSL uses a coaching system based on universal standards. It’s divided into six levels of proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), where A1 and A2 are for basic users, B1 and B2 are for intermediate level users, and C1 and C2 are for Native or proficient users.

22. Rank first on online platforms

Bsl is one of the most trusted and top notch searched institutes on Google,Sulekha,Justdial and urbanpro.

23. Prepares a group of various ages in BSL

BSL provides quality training to individuals of all ages with cutting-edge information. By participating in a demo session, BSL has developed virtual study hall and LMS programming that are mostly based in the cloud.

24. Well designed course.

The British School of Languages’ entire curriculum is very methodically constructed so that students can readily access it. To make studying the Russian language simple, engaging, and enjoyable, all ppts and pdfs are shared with the students.

25. Google and iOS users can download the BSL app.

The use of BSL is available in the Play Store look for British School of Language (BSL).Your access to all the course information is provided through our app.

26. Affordable fee

offers an online course in languages at a very reasonable price so that individuals may fulfil their desire of learning the language and it fits easily into their budget.

27. The majority considered the association .

By reviewing the surveys conducted on BSL, you’ll be able to understand the feedback provided by the current students, which will validate the quality of the valuable preparation provided by the reasonable and fully prepared group of coaches.

28. Acquire E certification through BSL.

When a student completes a course online, BSL delivers a QR-based certificate that may be used as a linguistic proof for greater work chances

30. Personal and group sessions

It is possible to select between group and one-on-one sessions.The maximum number of students per group is 5.There is also the opportunity for a student to have a one-on-one session.

31. Amazon and Flipkart both sell BSL books.

The best study resources for you were developed over many years. BSL monitors any modifications made to the Language’s development and grammatical rules. We provide all of our students with study materials that are thorough and effective at improving their communication abilities.

30. Personal and group sessions

It is possible to select between group and one-on-one sessions.The maximum number of students per group is 5.There is also the opportunity for a student to have a one-on-one session.

31. Amazon and Flipkart both sell BSL books.

The best study resources for you were developed over many years. BSL monitors any modifications made to the Language’s development and grammatical rules. We provide all of our students with study materials that are thorough and effective at improving their communication abilities.

32. Oldest and finest institution

One of the oldest, largest, and best institutes is the British School of Languages, which offers language instruction to students in a well-designed fashion from native instructors.

33.Non stop classes.

For online students, the British School of Languages offers nonstop 16-hour sessions. For students who choose to read and learn online, BSL offers back-to-back lessons for 16 hours every day. lessons at BSL begin at 6 a.m. and last until 10 p.m.

34.Institute for learning language

Bsl offers top-notch language instruction. Since our instructors are totally committed to their work and determined to succeed, they go above and beyond to ensure that the students who sign up for our language courses receive a high-quality education.

35.Be a Fluent speaker.

All of the courses for various foreign languages are designed to help you improve your communication skills and give you the assurance necessary to speak the target language fluently.

36.Classes 7 days a week

Classes are held every day of the week, and students can choose to enrol in either weekend or weekday batches to complete their coursework. Weekend classes are most suited for working class students, who typically choose to attend sessions during the week to keep up with the language.

37.Compare courses before enrolling in them.

Students are assisted by the British School of Languages in evaluating their alternatives and picking the best one. Students can choose the course that best suits their needs because [BSL] offers a wide variety of options. The prices for each course are provided on the website to simplify the selection process. Grammar and vocabulary are taken into consideration when creating courses. a range of courses to fit students’ schedules and budgets.

38. Oldest website

British School of Language has consistently outperformed the expectations of millions of students, working adults, stay-at-home mothers, and small children. You may find course information on the BSL website, one of the first to do so, in the most simple manner.

39.Weekend Mock Exam and Feedback

We value your time very highly among other things. In relation to that.. for those who are undoubtedly busy We provide unique weekend classes throughout the week. Every student also gets a feedback session over the weekend to monitor their development.

40. Learn alongside the largest group of domestic and international students.

The British School of Language has created the greatest community of domestic and international students through social media, where students interact with one another, ask questions, look for solutions, and encourage one another. This creates the broadest platform to learn from, discuss, and debate topics with one another.

41. Sign up right away to get started speaking BSL.

After the BSL confirmation, we don’t let the students waste even a single second. After the confirmation, they will soon become a part of our foundation.

42. Actual presence of BSL.

We have many offline centres all across India(Delhi,Noida,Gurugram,Lucknow, kanpur..).which helps to build trust among the people.

43. Trainer Requests Modification in 48 Hours.

BSL favours top-notch instruction, and our staff is available to help you at all times. If you’re not satisfied with the trainer you’ve been given, you can request a different one at any time, and the management will assign a new trainer to you within 48 hours of your request.

44.First to start language learning online with international trainers

British school of languages is the first and only institution which provides an online learning platform with international veteran trainers to the learners ,As many of us has desire to be guided by a native speaker without leaving our hometown and this wish could be easily fulfilled by British school of languages online platform.

45.offers both online and offline services.

In order to learn and gain information, regardless of whether you take classes online or offline, it is crucial to put all distractions aside. The British School of Languages offers both online and offline classes that you can take from anywhere.

46.Weekend mock tests and feedback are number

We are very respectful of your time, for example. For those who are undoubtedly busy, I’ll just say this. We have particular weekend classes during the week. In order to monitor each student’s training development, there is also a weekend feedback session.

47. Privileges and Flexibility.

Since every student at BSL is considered a member of our family, we provide every imaginable level of flexibility and assistance. Keep the following in mind: A one-week leave of absence is permitted for every student during each course.
The course will be suspended and resumed once the student is able to attend classes.
B) Each student is entitled to the freedom to select a batch at any moment.

48.We work with the best trainers

We have a dedicated group of language trainers to train you. They strive hard to deliver the best of their knowledge to bring excellence in life and work.

49. physical reality.

BSL is one of the most reputable institutions because in addition to its social presence, it also has a physical presence. There are numerous BSL centres spread throughout India, which supports public trust.


There is no other platform other than BSL which can deliver courses at affordable and acceptable cost / price since BSL also awards QR certificates upon completion of every level mostly based on the (CEFR) pattern.

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