Planning to Study in Canada from India ?
Planning to Study in Canada from India ?

Planning to Study in Canada from India ?

Author : BSL Super Admin | 28 Sep 2022

High on educational quality but reasonable tuition fees. Canada is the most sought-out study place for students. Canada had seventy thousand-odd international scholars studying at all levels in the nation, which clarifies its acceptance across the world.

Why Canada should be chosen for Study

 nearly half a million international students go to Canada for pursuing excellent education at reasonable fees with degrees that are globally known. In addition to this, excellent quality of life, enormous work, and immigration changes after studies - Canada stands out as a popular country to study among Indian students.

 Reasons why Canada could be a choice for students:

1. Educational distinction

One of the most significant reasons why students choose to learn in Canada is the reason that the quality of education is excellent. When a scholar obtains a degree from a Canadian university, it proves as a synonym of faith and brilliance.

2. Plentiful chances for research

One of the major reasons why Canadian teaching is exceptional is because of its strong emphasis on research and development. If you are a researcher, there cannot be a better nation than Canada. The administration of Canada provides backing to research in the fields of health care, telecom, agriculture, environmental studies, and technical know-how.

3. Reasonably priced fits within the budget

The tuition fee in Canada as compared to universities in the US and UK is impartially inexpensive. And when considering the payback, it is fairly a feasible choice for students. You can also apply to a variety of grants to cut down on your educational expenditures.

4. Cultural variety

In Canada, you will find awfully warm and friendly individuals who come from diverse cultural groups with different beliefs and life. The diverse setting in Canada encourages pleasantness and peaceful existence like no other country. In fact, there are several Indians learning, employed, and living here.

5 Safe and peaceful

Canada has been constantly graded as one of the safest countries in the world. As a global student, you will have the same rights as any other Canadian.

6. Earn and learn

Thanks to its special protocols, Canada offers all its international students a chance to work for up to twenty hours weekly during their semesters and full-time all through the summer and winter breaks. To work on-campus, you would not need any extra work license as your study permit is sufficient to find part-time work.

7. Lively and active campus life

All the Canadian campuses are sparkling with events, celebrations, and other activities being steered all through the year. This generates a joyful and active environment for all the students, helps you link and meet people moreover keeping the nostalgia away.

An overview of the Canadian education

One of the main reasons behind Canada’s acceptance among students is its inexpensive value education. The Canadian government spends open-handedly on advanced education and is among the top three countries to spend per capita on post-secondary education.

Kinds of institutions

There are diverse types of credentials offered by various institutions in Canada.

  • University
  • University colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Career and technical colleges


Co-operative education

This exclusive stage brings together classroom-based education and applied work experience making for more organized and realistic learning. This is an extraordinarily delightful path for intercontinental students who do not want totally lecture-based education. Note that half of the program will incorporate work experience so you must have a work permit.

Academic year

September is the main opening in Canada and observes the maximum intake of students. Although most colleges and universities offer the September and January intake, you may also be able to get admittances in the Summer opening that starts around April/May.

Methodology in Canadian classrooms

Active involvement, research, and investigation via demonstration, projects, and lab tests are the foundation of Canadian learning. Lessons are typically a combination of lectures, discussion groups, and lab sessions. While lectures may have many students, seminars are generally held within small groups


for well and in-depth comprehending of the concept. Canadian universities concentrate on offering an all-inclusive experience wherein students get chances that advance their learning, vocation, and life.

Financial assistance

Monetary aids are accessible for Indian students applying to Canadian scholars in the form of scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, etc. It should be kept in mind that the amount of the payment and its kind differs between various institutions and programs. Since receiving a grant is challenging, we mention to start with the procedure about a year before the favored intake starts.

 Types of scholarships a student can apply:

For undergraduates (UG)

  • Merit-based scholarship
  • Provincial Government scholarship
  • Need-based grants and bursaries by college
  • Tuition waiver
  • Commonwealth scholarship
  • Private/Organisational scholarship

For Postgraduates (PG)

  • Merit-based scholarship
  • Provincial Government scholarship
  • Research associateship
  • Professional Development award
  • Fellowship
  • Teaching assistantship
  • Commonwealth scholarship
  • Private/Organisational scholarship



Studying overseas can be a luxurious matter, but luckily, Canada is one country where education is accessible at fees lesser than many other nations. 

But before you leave India, confirm that you reflect expenses like lodging, food, medical coverage, and travel beside your tuition fee when estimating the cost of learning in Canada. This will assist you to design your budget more efficiently.

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