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50 Reasons Why Coding With BSL

1 - Oldest and finest “An organization that needs no introduction”
British School of Language, also known as BSL, is the most trusted in the industry that has given teachings to lacs of students and adding many more everyday .
2- Learn from Indian and International trainer
BSL provides classes from both indian and international trainers as per the student’s requirement.
3- Trained and Experienced Faculty
Our accomplished coaches comprehend the learning style, qualities, and shortcomings of the understudies and make the review designs practical. British School of Language is an institute that inspires understudies from the center level of the English language.
4- Certification-
You are provided with certification after completion of each level from the British School of Languages.
5- Complimentary GD for kids :
No matter whichever course you opt for your child, you will be provided Complimentary Group Discussion on Weekends
6- Quality Training :
BSL is the most trusted Institute established in the year 1971 and giving quality training from then to all the students enrolled in the courses.
7-Affordable fee structure for all courses
All our courses are designed to provide you with quality training with an affordable fee starting from Rs 2000/-
8- Study material on a regular basis
You will be provided with much helpful study materials and notes to compliment your studies for the course.
9 – Presence on Social Media
From Instagram to Facebook, Linked to Linked, we are always there to assist you. Just search ‘BSL British School of language’
10- Flipkart, Amazon, Google books, and other platforms
We have strived hard to provide standard-quality study material to students. Which could help them to accomplish the goal of learning a language successfully. Our books are available on all the premier and renowned platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and google books.
11- Online assessments available:
Online assessments by our expert team of trainers are available who would help and guide you to the right course as per the age, level, and requirement of your child.
12- Special Brush Up Classes available :
Even after completion of the course, in case your child is facing issues, you can opt for Brush up classes.
13- Searched on Quora, Google, Bing, and Edugorilla
Trust is never built in a day. With every passing, we are growing stronger in terms of quality and team . We are one of the most searched on Quora, Google, Bing, and Edugorilla.
14- Intensive and Extensive Courses available for your child br> BSL offers both extensive and Intensive courses for your child. Depending upon the availability of the child, you can pick any .
15- Timely revision classes :
If you’re looking to revise the previously gained knowledge, the trainers will help you revise the course,
16-Team support:
The counselors and management team will always be in touch with you, constantly taking your feedback on the classes
17-Individual attention :
Quality is above all for BSL. we offer you a team of expert trainers who provide you best services Working with a limited batch size and well-trained staff, your child will get the best training with Individual focus.
18 Age-wise batch categorization :
We understand that your child needs an environment where he can make himself comfortable and this is only possible when he learns with a similar age group. Our batches are divided per age group according to a such age group where learning turns into fun in no time.
19 Proper revisions :
At BSL we understand that your child requires timely revisions to be a master in the subject. Our expert team of trainers makes sure to provide you with the same
20-Limited class strength:
At BSL, you will always find a limited strength in batch so that trainer can give quality training to your child.
21- Grab an opportunity to interact with Indian and +International Kids :
Since BSL is an international-level organization your child will get a golden opportunity to have international kids in the batch and study with them
22- Impeccable training :
Our training modules are lauded by experts and all plausible requirements of students are catered to by trainers.Proper and timely assessments are conducted by our renowned trainers who have gained path-breaking expertise in their subjects. This, in turn, will help candidates overcome different hindrances associated with their language skills.
23- Availability of branches pan-India
BSL has physical centers in almost all the major cities in India. All our centers have world-class infrastructure which provides comfort, the latest smart classes, and techniques required for better learning.
24-Member of the British Council
We have earned membership in illustrious organizations such as the British Council, PTE, and Apply Board, so you can trust our firm to the utmost extent.
25- Friendly class environment for Better and faster learning for kids
Another important aspect of teaching your kids coding and computer skills at a tender age is that it helps them learn and grasp concepts in class faster. Kids find it easy to learn new concepts and with the help of computer skills kids can boost their ability to learn new things.
26- Presence on Social Media
BSL is concerned with having a social presence on all popular social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin) followed by people from around the globe. BSL’s social presence not only increases brand loyalty but also its authenticity and trust among people.
27- Group Discussion for Kids
Doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult, BSL has equal facilities and services for everyone. BSL conducts separate sessions for kids every weekend. This is the group where kids of similar age groups participate.
28- Get a customized Plan course prepared by International Trainers
BSL gives you a chance to let your child get training from an international trainer. We have trainers from across the globe. You can choose your trainer and give your child the best training
29- Oldest and Trusted Website :
BSL is the oldest and most trustworthy website as far as the education sector is concerned. Our path-breaking courses and excellently designed curriculum will help students to gather impeccable knowledge while boosting opportunities related to their careers.
30- Batch change facility :
Our services are always available. We believe in quality training and our team is available 24x7 for your support. If at any point, you don’t feel satisfied with the allotted trainer, you can request a change and the management will give you a new trainer within 48 hours of your request.
31- Class start facility on an Immediate basis
Your classes will begin the very next day of your admission. We believe in immediate action and quality training.BSL has one of the biggest teams of trainers and we make sure that you don’t miss even a single day’s training.
32- Student Support facility for students
24x7 Whatsapp, email, and Twitter
Whatsapp: 8009000014
Twitter: British School of Language
Take note of these to contact us 24x7 and we are always there to assist you.
33- Live and Recorded Classes :
BSL provides both live and recorded sessions of the classes so that you don’t miss a single topic taught. Our live classes are held on a platform that has great features to connect with everyone very easily.
34- Most Reviewed Organisation
British School of Language has been earning trust since 1971. By checking the reviews you can find the feedback shared by the existing students which assure you of the type of quality training that is delivered by our excellent and well-trained team.
35- Special attention to beginners
Those, who are willing to start from scratch, are provided a batch accordingly to cater to their specific requirements.
36- Most Reviewed Organisation
British School of Language has been earning trust since 1971. By checking the reviews you can find the feedback shared by the existing students which assure you of the type of quality training that is delivered by our excellent and well-trained team.
37- Choose your class time at your convenience
we have continuous batches running for different courses. You may choose any batch as per your available time.
38- App available on Google Play Store and iOS
The application of BSL is available on Play Store which can be easily downloaded from Android and iOS devices. Simply search -BSL British School of Language Our application will provide you with all the details of the courses.
39- Online and Offline Classes
BSL provides you with the facility of both -Online and Offline, Classes. If at any point, you wish to shift from Online to Offline or vice versa, on just one request from your end, our support team will be there to assist you.
40- Institute for Brain Gym
BSL, a pioneer institution is a brand name. Our experienced trainers understand the learning style, strengths, and weaknesses of the students and make the study patterns feasible. You are just a step away from step-in into the world’s best online English-speaking course in India.
41- Free demo class available
We provide free demo classes to our students and conduct live assessment sessions within. This helps students to know their potential and chose the right training program.
42- Free Lifetime Online Group Discussion
BSL provides you with classes even after completion of the course.You can attend our weekend classes every weekend, no matter whether you take an online or an offline class
43- Course Comparison-
You can go through all your Course Choices with your Counsellor and get the one that is best for you
44- Short term Summer camp courses :
Vacation is the best time to engage your kids in different activities. We offer you different courses -like Spoken English to personality development, abacus training, and foreign language so that your child can get the best.
45- Flexibilities and Privileges
We consider every student our Family and thus British school of Language provides every possible and required flexibility and Support
46- Availability of Foreign Trainers
British School of Language offers you a wonderful chance to connect with working professional trainers living not only in India but also in 40-plus foreign countries like the U.K., the U.S., and almost all countries in the Middle East, Africa, Maldives, New Zealand, etc. This is extremely beneficial and a must-opt course as it helps a few professionals living in India working in IT companies adapt to the accent spoken by various countries who have clients from foreign countries
47- Different certification courses available
Our 3 months course certification is Approved and is the Most Powerful Certification course. Engage yourself in various Language courses and develop your child’s personality into a dynamic one. You will be provided with verified certification through BSL after you are done with the level.
48- Impeccable training and online assessments available
Our training modules are lauded by experts and all plausible requirements of students are catered to by trainers. Over and beyond that, proper and timely assessments are conducted by our renowned trainers who have gained path-breaking expertise in their subjects. This, in turn, will help candidates overcome different hindrances associated with their language skills.
49- Presence on Social Media
BSL is concerned with having a social presence on all popular social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin) followed by people from around the globe. BSL’s social presence not only increases brand loyalty but also its authenticity and trust among people.
50- Classes on cloud-based Virtual and LMS Software
BSL works on a Cloud-based virtual classroom for which you do not have to download any additional application on your device. For Android, it can be opened with Chrome and for iOS, it can be opened with Safari.

What is Coding?

Coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that get laptop structures to do what you want them to do. Coding makes it practicable for us to create laptop computer software, games, apps, and websites. Coders, or programmers, are people who write the programs in the again of the entirety we see and do on a computer. Coding is the period for Computer Programing. It is how it offers pc directions. There are one of the kind Coding Languages. Programmers use one or extra Computer Programing Languages to supply guidelines to computers. For instance, Programmers working on Google may use C++, Java, JavaScript, or Python. br>
There are many languages in the world nowadays however the equal notion and conventions are shared through almost all of them. What is even greater interesting is the thought to make computer systems so that you can code as an awful lot as you like. coding can additionally be completed on IPads and iPhones.There are distinctive patterns and techniques of Coding. Visual Blocks and Text-Based Coding.
1 Visual Block Coding Programs
They are very exact regions to start. It utilizes a drag-and-drop to get to know the surroundings of the place programmers use coding block directions "block" to assemble animated tales and games. They are designed to be enjoyable and convenient however they are additionally designed to be equipment that you outgrow
2- Text-Based Coding Programs
Text-based Coding Programs are actual Programming Languages. It works inside a closed platform or actual textual content editors. It entails writing traces of codes and can be used by youngsters after they get used to blocking primarily based coding. It is a typing direction in syntax. Syntax is a Grammar and spelling policy of a programming language.

Why Coding Course Is Important For Your Child?

In the world of technology where everything is running so fast, little masters need to be creative enough to sketch bet lot many intensive skills. This course prepares kids to cross beforehand with the most demanded course these days. Learning to code is helping kids bring all the dash related to colors and love to examine and create new matters with the usage of technological know-how in one place.

Learn To Design Games With Coding :

Coding is always fun to learn. Through coding, kids learn how to design games themselves. this is a learning process full of interactive sessions. Learning development of game apps helps children in developing problem-solving and to do mindset with collaboration skills. Kids learn to put their ideas and create an interactive setup and that too, all by themselves. This is engaging and interesting for young kids.

Learn To Design Applications With Coding:

Not only Game Designing, but Kids also learn how to develop App Designing. This involves understanding the thoughts and requirements of mass and creating something for their good. Kids develop a mindset that helps them focus on creative learning methodology and they turn innovative. It is very important for kids, especially at the growing stage. when they develop to capture new information and discoveries giving them lots of entertainment and fun.

2D, 3D & Digital Design route helps children in transferring in advance on the direction of self-expression by means of the use of their equipment in developing their personal 2D Animations, 3D Animations, and Product Designs they imagine, visualize or get attracted to. A talent which is wished for growing product knowledge, environment, and landscapes amongst kids. It helps children decorate their creativity and improves their ideation.

What Is A 3d Model And How Does It Benefit Kids?

We are living in the world of technology. Digital technology is blooming every day and every hour. Digital technology does not stop 2D images from dominating most designed websites, magazines, and multimedia. The majority of young artists and designers are still stuck with the 2D model preparation as most of them find it very easy and is the fastest and easiest way to communicate and explore ideas visually starting from sketching, drawing, and lastly rendering.

3D modeling is computer-aided styling. It involves the creation of three-dimensional objects using some specially designed software. Students who join 3D modeling courses tend to get many benefits apart from only coding. They learn to get open-minded as it allows them to be more creative, and efficient and increases the quality of design making.

Let us have a look at its benefits

Kids from a very young age when start learning to sketch, they are made to know to create pictures and are touched to create designs by joining point to point or line to line. After 13 years when they are introduced to two computers the first thing that is taught to them is picture creation which may be through word files or any other similar application. The same learning level starts in the coding courses as well before creating projects they are taught structure creation This helps kids develop good design skills that can later be utilized in more fields related to designing.3D printing helps students develop universal design language.

More curiosity means more enthusiasm and participation from students. We all are aware of how much kids love to interact with things in the real world. We’ve discussed how 3D printing in schools can make kids enthusiastic about learning. Grabbing young kids’ attention can be a problem for many teachers and educators. When the teaching is done through constant engagement with physical objects, more and more students want to be a part of it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
We are all familiar with Google Assistant, ALEXA, and SIRI !!! Artificial intelligence has changed the world drastically and unlimited changes are being introduced every day AI has already become a part of our day-to-day life. It will continue to act as a technological innovator in the coming years. This also ensures that through visual learning, more and more information can be grasped by the kids and thus developing their muscle memory. Even group and team projects can be done more effectively. When students become a part of a team/group, they can give better results and productive outcomes in the classroom.

Designed Vocabulary :
Coding helps in increasing design vocabulary. With visual language, comprising elements like texture, light, color, line, space, and shape, kids gain more experience combining them. This helps them turn into all-round designers and grow with the trend.

Why Coding with BSL?

British school of language is the best and most successful organization. It is the oldest institute in India. British School of Language gives very little homework to kids. So children enjoy the whole process. The syllabus is designed in such a which is strong enough to challenge the child’s mental capabilities and thus help them attain a greater potential and help in their all-around development.

Why choose BSL only?

British School of Language is known for its quality training and experienced teachers. comprising a wide variety of trainers who carry expertise in their field of training.
The fee is highly affordable and ranges between 2000-4000 INR
British School of Language focuses on quality training with the purpose to make learning easy and attractive
Not only your child will get his Coding class but also will be provided with a COMPLIMENTARY weekend Group Discussion class to help them learn Public speaking.
BSL is one of the oldest learning institutes. It has a huge team of trainers.


1- Does BSL provides good trainers?
well, there is no doubt about the quality of trainers here. Every trainer has his unique way of training and makes learning easy and attractive.

2- Is Coding difficult to learn?
Coding is not different. It is rather a very easy way that makes projects come and they enjoy this course.

3- Can a 5-year child learn Coding?
Of course YES !!!!!!
The younger the better.
s It is undoubtedly believed that 4-7 years is the quality age when a baby can begin getting to know any new idea and it is the age when greedy energy of intelligence is fantastic and you can keep in mind matters for a longer length of time.

4- Does BSL provide a demo class before admission?
yes. you are provided a demo class before joining.

5- Is the Coding course expensive?
Coding training is based on levels and all the levels are affordable.

6- Are classes live or recorded?
lasses are live and have particular batch times and classes.

7- Will my child get individual attention?
Individual attention is the key factor at the British School of language. Our focus remains equal on every individual in the classroom.

8- Will BSL provide a certificate?
Yes, After the completion of every level, your child will be provided a Certificate. Towards the end of every level, there will be a model exam, and based on his performance, your child will be ready for the second level. 8 Will it helps in academics and any other?
Through this learning, children enjoy greater concentration and a powerful memory.
They experience a sharp increase in their observation, grasping, and retention abilities. As a result, they acquire better results with less effort.

9- How long do we have to wait to see a change in our child?
well, the best part about Coding training is that it makes the most difficult calculations easy. So you don’t have to wait for long to see a change in your child.

10 - What if my child misses a class? Will there be any revision sessions?
British School of Language understands your concern. Children are given revision classes timely so that they can keep revising things they have done previously and should never forget basics.

11- Will coding and designing help my kid in academics?
To expose kids to technology and equip them with the skills they need to be successful today and in tomorrow’s workforce. Coding Classes for Kids strengthen math, digital, creativity & life skills and improve their academic performance.

12- Is prior Coding knowledge required before enrolment in a Coding course?
Not at all.
Our curriculum starts from scratch. Children need not have any prior knowledge before enrolment for the course with us.

13- What makes our classes unique?
The curriculum for our online coding and design-based classes for kids by experienced faculty empowers kids to turn their ideas into real-world projects. Our pricing and learning combo packages are highly appealing.

14- Is an Individual training plan available?
Yes. BSL provides a personal training plan also where the course is customized as per student’s requirements.

Coding Classes
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