Franchise for Spoken English, Foreign Languages, IELTS Institute, Study Abroad & Visa Consultant

BSL British School of Language (a unit of BSL ED-Tech Private Limited)

BSL has developed a system of Uniform standards,Methods,Procedures,Specifications,Merchandising, and Advertising (hereinafter referred to as the "System") for the operation of Language Institute & Study Abroad Examination preparation (hereinafter referred to as "Language School" which offer Spoken English, Foreign Languages, Corporate Training, Study Abroad & Visa Consultant, English on Phone (EOP), Study Abroad Exam preparation, i.e. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/SAT/OET etc. as are approved from time to time by BSL ("Approved Services and Products") all under the trade name, trademark and service mark of "BSL British School of Language", a unit of BSL ED-Tech Private Limited (collectively, the "Proprietary Marks").
BSL high and uniform standards of quality and service in order to protect the goodwill and enhance the public image of the System and the Proprietary Marks;

If Someone shows an interest to be a part of education system and is willing to start it is own centre of language.BSLprovides an opportunity,the sole and exclusive right to the goodwill associated with the System, theProprietary Mark,and is willing to grant the right,license to your organisation, whether a proprietor, partnership or a companybased onthe terms and conditions,herein contained to use the System and the Proprietary Marks.Person hasto use the System and the Proprietary Marks at the location,havethe business experience and financial ability to operate a Language School

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1. Grant & Fees.

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations elsewhere in this Agreement, The BSL hereby grants to the Franchise a non-transferable right and license to use the System, the Proprietary Marks, Brand Name and provide the Approved Services in accordance with the System. The Approved Services are the only services authorized to be offered and sold by Franchise from or at the Language School.

2. Initial Term.

This Agreement, unless terminated earlier as hereinafter provided, shall remain in force for an initial term often (3) years commencing on the date of this Agreement ("Initial Term").

3. Renewal.

Subject to the provisions of this Section, the Franchise shall have anoption to renew the BSL each year & each session i.e. From 1stApril to 31st March, after 3 years.

4. Initial BSL Fee.

In consideration of the grant of this license, the Franchise shall pay to the BSL by cashier(s) or certified check a non-recurring and non-refundable initial BSL fee for the BSL hereunder in the amount of Ruppees Three Lakh + GST (3,00,000/- + GST) payable upon execution of this Agreement.The fees shall be3 Lakh only for 3 years+10% ofthe Totalfeecollected at the end of every month.

5. Continuing Service Fee.

In further consideration of the grant of this license, the Franschise shall paymonthly(the "Period") 15th day of the monthfollowing the previous month(s) end during the term of the Agreement a non-refundable continuing service fee ("Continuing Service Fee") equal to Ten percent plus GST (10% + GST) of the Franchise(s) Gross Revenue (Turn Over) for such Period. All Continuing Service and other fees payable hereunder shall be made via electronic funds transfer or automatic debit of funds, in a method determined by the BSL, in its sole discretion.

6. Area Required.

The right and license granted hereof shall be restricted solely and exclusively to use on and from the Premises, however, BSL (and any affiliates that it might have from time to time) will not establish, nor allow another organisation to establish, another Business, the physical premises located within the area set forth on "Exclusive Territory". During the 3 year term of this Agreement, the Premises shall be used exclusively by the BSL and solely for the purpose permitted by this Agreement.
Location Should be on main road, accessible to public transport. Area should not be less than 1000 sqft. BSLshall not have it is own Branchin your city.

7. Location of Language School.

If a site for the Language School has not been specified at the time of the execution BSL shall use his/her best efforts and proceed with diligence to obtain and designate a location for the Language School within a designated geographic area, BSL acknowledges that the location of the Language School is a major factor in the Language School(s) potential for success.

8.Lease of Premises of Language School.

BSL shall not execute any lease for the Language School without your prior written approval. If the Language School is to be leased or subleased by you from premises owner, then the Lease Should be more than 5 Years

9. Development of Language School.

You shall consult with BSL regarding the construction of the interior of the Language School or interior leasehold improvements. You will share model plans with BSLandSpecifications based upon typical configurations for the layout of a Language School. Your company must construct (or renovate) and equip the Language School in a good and workmanlike manner and in conformity with all laws, rules, regulations and requirements of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Language School and in accordance with the plans and specifications of BSL or, subject to BSL is prior written approval, the plans, and specifications of the Franchise.

10. Equipment, Furniture, Furnishings, and Signs.

BSL shall install in and about the Language School such equipment, including computer-related equipment and computer software, fixtures, furnishings, furniture, interior, and exterior signs, and other Language property as required and which strictly conform to the appearance, uniform standards, and specifications of BSL existing from time to time (hereinafter sometimes referred to collectively as "Equipment and Furnishings")

11. Advertising and Promotion Contributions.

Recognizing the value of uniform national and regional advertising and promotion of the System, the Franchise, in further consideration of the grant of this license. However, BSL shall maintain the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to increase the Brand Development Fee in order to meet the demands of the marketplace. All Social Networking advertisements will be done by BSL & all expenses will be beared by BSL.

12. Local Advertising.

In addition to making the Fund contributions required in Franchise shall make every reasonable effort to vigorously and aggressively promote and increase the demand for the services and products of the Language School by conducting, at his/her further expense, the following local advertising during the term of this Agreement: The Franchise shall display all such signs, emblems, and logos at the Premises as the BSL may require from time to time.

13. Grand Opening Advertising.

The Franchise shall spend between 50,000 rs to 1 Lakh for a grand opening advertising campaign to be incurred in connection with the grand opening of the Language School. This sum of money shall be spent within the first sixty (60) days of operation of the Language School.
Best Time to open a centre is between November to March.

14. Bookkeeping, Accounting and Software Records.

The Franchise shall use a bookkeeping, accounting, inventory control, point of sale, and record-keeping system for the business of the Language School that is reasonably approved by BSL, and Franchise shall retain all invoices, order forms, time cards, payroll records, check stubs, bank deposit receipts, GST records and returns, cash disbursements journals and general ledgers
BSL Provides Software for Counselling & Admission

15. Presence on Website.

Name & Location will be provided on our website, i.e. www.britishschooloflanguage.in, Franchise is not authorized to create any other website & Google Map Location.

16. Reportsand Tax Returns

If the Turnover of Franchise increases above the mandatory GST norms, Inthat case Franchise can take GST from Students & can deposit it.

17. Inspection.

The BSL or its representatives or agents shall have all the right to walk up at any time during normal business hours without prior notice to the center and can inspect click photographs of the Premises and all aspects of the operation of the language School together with all records, books of account, tax returns, Icards of Students and other documents and materials in the possession.

18. Hiring and Training of Employees by the Franchise.

The Franchise shall hire and train, at his/her expense, all employees of the Language School, and shall be exclusively responsible for the terms of their employment and compensation. The Franchise shall not employ anyone who refuses or fails to complete such a training program. The Franchise shall maintain a sufficient number of trained employees to service the Franchise(s) clients all the time, but at least the minimum number specified by the BSL.
BSL shall require Franchise (or Franchise(s) Manager(s)) and/or previously trained and experienced managers to attend training courses that BSL periodically chooses to provide at the time and locations BSL designates. BSL may charge reasonable attendance fees for these courses. The franchise is also responsible for all travel and living expenses incurred in attending BSL(s) training courses

Training and Technical Assistance

Managerial Responsibility.

a). Devote full time, attention, and effort to the active management and operation of the business of the Language School.

b). Irrespective of any delegation of authority, not inconsistent with reserve and exercise ultimate authority and responsibility with respect to the management and operation of the business of the Language School;

c). Represent and act on behalf of the Franchise in all dealings with the BSL.

Initial Training Program. At least fifteen (15) days before the Language School is opened for business, he BSL shall make available to the franchise a six (6) days training program which the Franchise and his/her Manager that Franchise designates, must successfully complete prior to the opening of the Language School.

In addition, BSL shall send one of its representatives to the Franchise(s) Premises for three (3) days, to conduct on-site training. All costs and expenses incurred by the Franchise and such Manager(s) or employees relating to such training program (including, without limitation, the cost of travel, food, accommodations, and wages) shall be paid by the Franchise. The BSL shall provide only the instruction, training facilities, and materials for classroom and on-site instruction of the Franchise and two (2) Manager(s) or employees, not to exceed three (3) persons in total.

19. Operating Assistance.

The BSL shall make available to the Franchise such operating assistance and training on a continuing basis as the BSL considers appropriate and which may consist of advice and guidance with respect to:

  • (a) Methods and procedures for the marketing and sale of the Approved Services.
  • (b) Such additional services and products as the BSL may approve, from time to time, to be used or ffered for sale by Franchises
  • (c) The purchase, operation, maintenance and use of displays, uniforms, equipment, materials and supplies;
  • (d) Formulating and implementing advertising and promotional programs using such merchandising, marketing and advertising research data and advice as may, from time to time, be developed by the BSL and deemed by it to be helpful in the operation of the Language School;
  • (e) The establishment and implementation of administrative, bookkeeping, accounting, inventory control and general operating procedures for the proper operation of the Language School;
  • (f) Provide on-going training and Language programs.
  • (g) The operation, cleanliness and efficiency of the Language School.

20. Counseling.

Counseling shall be given as designed by BSL and every counseling should be entertained and engaged at least for 40 min explaining everything in detail

21. PowerPoint Presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation shall be performed as made by BSL. Changes may take place from time to time as required in every PPT (Spoken English, Study Abroad Examination, Foreign languages, etc.) and shared accordingly.

22. Study Materials

Study Materials shall be used as prepared by BSL. For every course, BSL has its own book in terms of teaching, and for IELTS study material that BSL provides, shall be based on the Cambridge pattern as BSL is an official partner of the British Council.

23. Universal Batch Timings.

Universal Batch Timings shall remain the same as instructed by BSL ( A- 6:30 - 9:00, B- 9:00 - 11:30, C- 11:30 - 2:00, D- 2:00 - 4:30, E- 4:30 - 7:00, F- 7:00 - 9:00) & Transfer of Students from one branch to another shall be done on the basis of transfer charges of 1,000/- be taken apart from the course fee. If due, the rest amount be taken by the center student will join& Membership cards shall remain the same as designed by BSL. In case of an occasional or any other offer given by BSL, will be applicable for all the centers, and Franchises and fees will be based on the offer.

24. Whatsapp Group.

Whatsapp Group shall be one as an official group of BSL for every batch and no other personal group be made.

25. Centralized Call Centre number IVR (Interactive voice response).

Centralised Call Centrenumber IVR (Interactive voice response) shall be one 8009000014 through which calls (enquiries) will be shared with all the centres.

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