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With the innovation of the internet, the work culture has developed manifolds compelling us to work in close contact with people of other countries, which may or may not be speaking the same language as us. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world has become a smaller place, but the one thing which might hinder your growth is the lack of knowledge of at least one foreign language.
Now you must be thinking about how you can learn a foreign language and more importantly which language to choose. Well, we have got the ultimate solution for you, the British School of Language has become the best destination for people looking to expand the scope of their skills and develop with the changing world.

Counsellor Support

As soon as you reach out to the British School of Language, you will be assigned your very own counsellor, who will guide you as to which language you should choose, depending on your personal goals and aspirations

Selection of Foreign Languages.

You can choose from a wide variety of foreign languages to choose from. French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin, and many many more. You name it, we have got it here!

International Standard at your Local Institute

If you’re looking for the Best Education, well, look no further, British School of Language has got you covered. We pat our back on the amazing quality of foreign language courses under just one roof.

Excelling Trainers and Coaches

British School of Language has the Best team of foreign Language Trainers. Each of the trainers are selected using an extensive selection process, where we not only test their knowledge but also their teaching patterns and student relationships. So, you be rest assured that you will be in good hands.

Best Friends with the Best Courses

Learn your preferred foreign language and get the best recommendation for book and study material. Good Books and Study Material are crucial to compliment your learning process. Your trainer will recommend the best books so you can learn in the best possible way.

Your Course Your Choice

British School of Language offers you flexibility with your course structure. Your counselor will help you plan your course in such a way that you are able to manage it with your daily chores. If you are working or an aspiring student, the courses offered are definitely for you.


Personalized Sessions

If you are someone who prefers private coaching more than group coaching, feel free to ask your counselor to plan your classes in this way. Your trainer will teach according to your learning capacity and your preferences.

Group Sessions

You can even choose group sessions, wherein you will learn with students like yourself and can enjoy the learning process you’re about to unleash.

Level by Level Assistance

Each of the foreign languages have different levels depending on if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. Each of the levels constitute a different syllabus, so you can learn with confidence.

Student Support

If you face any problem or have a query regarding your course, feel free to contact your counselor or student support round the clock.

Choose your Own Trainer

The best part of these courses is that you can select your own trainer. You can take a demo session and select the trainer yo0u relate to the most. You get complete flexibility regarding your course.

Demo Session

Still in Doubt? No Problem, sign up for a Free Demo Session with a trainer and experience extensive learning yourself. Demo Session will help you make a sound decision and choose your trainer.

Certification and Additional Perks

After each level of studies, you will be given a test which on passing, you will be awarded with certification stating that you are now qualified for the specific level. The Certificate is valid across the World and can act as testimony of your knowledge.

Test your Knowledge

Post Completion of each level, you will be presented with a test where your knowledge will be tested and you will know if you’ve grasped the concepts right. You can even retake the test if you feel you can do much better.

Brush-Up Sessions

Have you studied foreign Language before? If yes, consider signing up for a revision session for the levels you have done. This would help you revise all the concepts you have learnt before and you would be able to proceed with the learning process with more confidence.

Free-of-Cost Course Extension

If your trainer feels that you need more training or you lack some skills, the trainer will extend your course without any charges at all.

Pocket Friendly Course Structures

The Foreign Language Courses at the British School of Language are designed as such that anybody can afford them, because we believe that the will to learn is more important than the money invested in education.

Speak like a Native

All of the courses for different foreign languages are aimed for you to gain great communication skills and give you the confidence to speak the foreign language with absolute confidence.

Write without Hesitation

The writing skill is crucial for you to be able to express yourself on paper. You will be trained extensively to write in the foreign language so that expression of thought becomes easier.

Gain Awesome Reading Skills

It is absolutely mandatory for you to have good reading skills post educating yourself on a foreign language and courses at British School of language will help you get just that.

Become an Unapologetic Good Listener

Courses at British School of Language are equipped with various exercises and activities that will sharpen your listening skills. If you’re able to express yourself effectively, it also becomes important that you are able to understand what the other person is trying to communicate.

Learn Two-way Communication

Your assigned Trainer will assist you to be able to indulge in two-way communication. At the end of the course, you would be able to converse with native speakers successfully in their native language.

Grow your Career

With the know edge of foreign language, you would be able to grow in your career at a tremendous speed. The Knowledge of a Foreign language increases the scope of your work environment manifolds. With the virtue of good communication skills, you should be able to grow your career like never before.

Various Exercises and Activities

Throughout your course of education, various activities and exercises will be presented so that the learning process can be exciting and fun. Trainers ensure that you can learn in an effortless manner.

Learn from any Corner of the World

British School of Language has made Foreign Language Education accessible around the Globe. Education is your Right and your physical location must not be a factor in the 21st Century. You just need a good internet Connection and you are eligible for Online Classes.

Take Advantage of Offline Classes

Offline Classes are now available at various 1-tier and 2-tier cities across the country. Search for the nearest British School of Language to know more about offline classes.

Learn from Indian or International Trainers

You can even choose Indian or International Trainers depending on your preference. We recommend you go for Indian Trainers for elementary levels and upgrade to international trainers for further levels.

Learn through Scholarships

You can also study through various scholarships offered by the British School of Language and you get a huge discount on your fees of selected Courses. You can learn about scholarships by contacting the team.

Special Discounts and Offers

British School of Language has various discounts and offers that are applicable round the year. You can take advantage of these deals by contacting the team.

Combo Deals

You can even buy two or more levels at a time and claim great discounts on your purchase. These offers are valid for all foreign language courses offered by the British School of Language.

Live and Recorded Sessions

In case you miss any session, you will be provided with a recorded session so you do not miss any concept. Live Sessions are available for all students attending regular classes.

Change Your Trainer

You can change your trainer and coach at any point of time during the course, in case you don’t feel satisfied. Contact your personal counselor for the same. Your request will be attended to in 48 Hours.

Learn at the Largest Community of National and International Students

British School of Language is the largest community of students, where you can enjoy quality education and additional perks.

Reach out to the Team Now

You can contact the team round the clock. Here are some information that would come handy-

Whatsapp: 8009000014
Email: info@britishschooloflanguages.com
Twitter: British School of Language

Extensive and Intensive courses online

Depending on your purpose of education, you can choose extensive or intensive courses for foreign languages offered by BSL. Extensive should be chosen when you want through knowledge and want to master communication skills. Intensive Courses are for for those students who just want minimum communication skills.

Courses for all Age Groups

Learning should not be limited to any age group. At BSL, separate batches are made for all age groups. There are batches for Kids and the working class.

Quick and Easy Registration

You can enroll for the course of your liking by simply contacting the team, the registration process does not take more than 12 hours. You can start your sessions immediately after.

Explore through the Career Opportunities

Knowledge of Foreign Language opens the door to various career opportunities, you may even choose to work with the British School of language once you are qualified.

Choice of Weekend and Weekday Classes

Classes are conducted throughout the week, weekend and weekday batches can be chosen to pursue the course. Weekend Classes are most suitable for the working class, student generally choose to go for weekday sessions to be in continuous touch with the language.

Get Weekly Feedback and Assessment

Once you enroll for the course, you will be assessed as to how much you have been able to learn, feedback will be provided so that you can learn effectively.

Compare Your Course

The website at the British School of Language will help you compare your course and make the right decision. Visit the website Now!

Learn from the Best

All the foreign languages are designed according to Global Standards and expectations. You will be able to compete with native speakers at a global leve, after finishing these courses.

Oldest and Finest

British School of Language has enabled thousands of students like yourself to achieve their goals, in the course of 30 years.

Find us on Social Media

ou can find BSL at all social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Our active presence at all social media help us to put our best forward and educate students.

First to Start Online Foreign Language Classes

With the aid of technology and a strong mission, we are able to teach thousands of students online. This initiative was taken by BSL to educate students at all locations.

Classes at all Platforms

Online Classes are organized at all online platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. Trainer makes sure that the classes are easy to join and are constructive at the same time.

Quality Training at its Best

When it comes to a quality training you could blindly trust BSL for this ,As we train students and make them competent to face all external challenges.

Cloud based virtual classroom & LMS software

BSL has developed a cloud based virtual classroom and LMS software which could be experienced by taking a free demo class. As in these classroom instructors and participants can engage with each other which makes the learning easier . they can interact , communicate , and exchange ideas with the help of a BSL virtual classroom and students also have access to get quality teachers overseas .

Flexibilities and privilege

All students get flexibility and privileges once he/she joins the foreign language language course with BSL. Additional perks and privileges are given when enrolling.

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